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About Us

My Passion.

Love thy home was born out of my passion for beauty, out of the way it expresses my love for my home and the beautiful items that differentiate a house from a home.

I search the world to bring you items that have appeal to a variety of markets, cover a range of prices ...helping you create your own uniqueness at home or in business.

Combining superior quality and affordable prices i provide unusual home decor and gifts which appeal to a wide variety of tastes, yet still retain a uniqueness that becomes the individual who is you.

Terms & Conditions
Dear Customer

Please note: All stock invoiced on your Pro-forma invoice is in our warehouse. In order to avoid
any delays please deposit the invoiced amount into our account

1. On receipt of your payment the goods will be dispatched.
2. Please check your invoice carefully - colours, quantities and delivery address.
3. As we know transport costs have escalated. Should you wish to use your transport, supply us with   the details.
4. Transport quoted pre invoice
5. Claims must be recieved within 24 hours after delivery.
6. Due to the high demand for our stock we cannot guarantee that it will be available if payment is not recieved within 7 days.
7. Please note that invoices may only be amended once.